TADAM! DESIGN is a concept jewellery kitchen born of the founder’s continuous desire to make others say Wow! The emotion-driven interjection Tadam!, used in the label’s title, is pronounced by a person making a great surprise or giving an unexpected gift and willing to amaze somebody.

Established in 2013, the national GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2013 winner, TADAM! DESIGN was presented in the very first 5 pages of the global FOOD PLAYER. DESIGN WITH TASTE manual of food inspired arts around the world. Featured by DESIGNBOOM, DEZEEN, THE GUARDIAN and other foreign media, as well as exhibiting in prestigious design and fashion shows of MAISON ET OBJET, BLICKFANG, TENT LONDON and PREMIERE CLASSE, the brand has been enjoying a growing awareness worldwide.  







Food is an essential substance for emotions, a powerful social intermediary, and a cultural mirror. Food nourishes our eyes, thoughts and feelings, evokes memories and stirs associations. Food is our wondrous inspiration.

Collection THE SWEET COURSE FOR YOUR EYES is the concept cookery for elegant necks. It is a unique collection of handmade ceramic jewellery desserts - traditional Lithuanian and world-familiar tongue delights, turned into fancy dessert-smelling accessories.

Bon Appétit!

Deimante Litvinaite (1982)

Creative Director and Founder of TADAM! DESIGN

Deimante worked as a graphic designer in fashion magazines and a creative agency for quite a while in her past, until she decided to launch her own company. Her creative personality and professional background has helped a lot in shaping and marketing both the brand and the products. She is the author of jewellery design, packaging models and the brand concept in general.

"A great idea naturally brings people together to work with and develop it further. Doing what you love and rely on is the main and strongest motivating factor in a solid team. We all believe in the Tadam! philosophy of surprising and work together to share it with others."